Friday, January 21, 2011

Post 24: Future Unemployed Heather Shinn

Fresh out of college the new herd manager for a large Minnesota dairy farm was just laid off and is currently structurally unemployed. The farm owners decided their was not enough money in the dairy industry anymore and opted to sell the farm eliminating a job for Heather. During the summer show season Heather traveled to various fairs fitting the cattle. Now, in mid-December, she is seasonally unemployed because their are no shows in the winter. A few months later, Select Sires offers her a job as an AI technician. This job requires traveling to many farms and working long hours of the day. After a couple months as an AI tech, Heather left her jobs in search of a better one, making her frictionally unemployed. Finally, Heather found her ideal job as the heifer specialist Arethusa Farms in Connecticut. Arethusa is one of the best and most known dairy farms in the country. Unfortunately, after just three years as an employee of Arethusa, they let go of some of their workers due to the economy and Heather loses her job to a more experienced Arethusa alumni. Heather is now cyclically unemployed.

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