Thursday, December 9, 2010

Post 5: Cattle Feed

My daddy pays thousands of dollars each year to feed my cattle. Because my dairy cows are show cattle the feed they eat has a higher amount of protein in order to get them to grow faster and place higher in their classes. Unfortunately there are not many feed companies that offer a feed with that amount of protein limiting me to just one option, Blue Seal. It costs me $13.99 to buy one bag of feed and between my 5 heifers that eat it, I go through about 2 bags a week. If the company were to break up into smaller companies it would be much more beneficial to me because they would have to compete for prices. The way it is now with Blue Seal feed company being the only one to sell that high protein feed they have complete control over the price and can charge me an outrageous amount of money. Whereas, if there were multiple companies they could not charge that much or they would lose their business.

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