Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Post 1: Intro

Hey my name is Heather Shinn. I am 17 years old and a senior at Northern Burlington. I am very involved in FFA and 4-H at the national level. Twice have I attended the National FFA Convention and have been selected to represent New Jersey at three National 4-H Conferances. Most people know me for my love of agriculture, especially cows. Personally I own 11 Holstein dairy cows which I take care of everyday and show at various fairs throughout the summer. Mr. Reising's favorite was my bull calf Chase Utley ("Steak Utley" according to him). I currently serve as the Burlington County Dairy Princess as well as an officer in numerous extracurricular clubs. Recently I was voted a captain of the varsity bowling team and will play varsity softball in the spring.


  1. What are the responsibilities as BC dairy Princess?

  2. Basically my job is to promote the dairy industry. At the Farm Fair I have a booth and narrate the milking contest as well as distribute ribbons to the winners of the dairy show. I also so various promotions at different stores, usually handing out cheese or something similar.